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The Holding G7 Elevadores is formed by companies specialized in elevators and Accessibility Platforms, well established in the sale of parts, maintenance, maintenance, beautification and modernization of elevators, as well as the installation of equipment.

Experience is important

G7 Elevators, a group formed by Brazilians who began their activities in the 1980s in the area of maintenance and maintenance of residential and commercial elevators.

In the year 2000 they also started to work in the area of technical and aesthetic modernization of the equipment, through M & M Elevadores * and Golden Lift **, which today are the companies with the highest percentage of modernized equipment in their customer portfolios.

In 2012, they acquire the new headquarters facilities, fully adapted to the new market trends. In the central area of the city of São Paulo, providing agility in attendance and aiming for a greater reach in distribution to clients and representatives.

Over the last 30 years, the G7 group has solidified and felt he need, through its customers and partners, to have options in the manufacture and assembly of elevators, escalators and accessibility platforms; constituting in 2013 the company 7Lift Service Elevators, In the same year, a warehouse was incorporated in the city of Piedade-, in the region of Sorocaba / SP, once again thinking of facilitating service in all regions of the state.

For G7 Holding, 2014 started with full force! A plot of land was acquired in the city of Boituva, also in the region of Sorocaba, where the elevator and equipment factory was set up to set up its Factory Plant, starting a new era in the group: Manufacture of Elevators and Own Accessibility Platforms.

Only in 2015, Holding G7 sold and installed more than 70 lifts and equipment, reaching in 2016 more than 71% increase in direct sales, reaching more than 120 lifts and equipment.

In 2017, Holding G7 is focusing its investments in the area of state-of-the-art technology; Creating the G7 Facial Biometrics by adding to its product portfolio digital management systems in elevators as well as face recognition system in elevator cabins, a national technology, present at airports, hotels and exported to major hubs in the world proving that it believes in strength of the Brazilian people and continuing its strategic planning for the 2016/2018 biennium!

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What if the elevator stops working in the wee hours of the morning or in the middle of the night?

Maintenance companies have to offer a fast and reliable service with certified technicians on call 24 hours a day to diagnose the problem and repair your lift in an efficient and low cost way with a large stock of spare parts .

If you have a full monthly maintenance contract with M & M Elevators, your repairs and replacement parts, as well as monthly preventive and corrective visits, are included in the monthly fee.

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You can count on:

  • Complete technical, commercial and legal guidance to clients and administrators of condominiums;
  • Participation of our representatives in assemblies or meetings (residential and business condominiums, etc.) for clarification and negotiations;
  • Specific technical and commercial visits, previously scheduled, for necessary solutions, suggestions or corrections;
  • Photographic and technical reports with orientation of technical constructive and safety standards for elevators;
  • Orientations and solutions for embellishments - aesthetic reforms of cabins, doors, accessories, etc .;
  • Consultancies for reform guidelines - technical updates of

 Internacional Partnerships

As a Business Group looking to the future, we are looking for the best technology, wherever it is!

Through partnerships with major suppliers, participation in industry fairs around the world we guarantee our customers and partner the most advanced technology on the market!

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